Conversations about humans at work.

Key Moments

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Over time, conversations about work have been laden with the following terms: productivity, optimisation, measurement and more recently, burnout. As the focus on output and results grows, the human is almost forgotten.

As an editorial property, Humanise by Plum will cover conversations about the working world while keeping the human at the centre. These conversations will resonate with many, enlighten some and challenge others. Our intent is to ‘humanise’ workplaces so that we will speak of 'happiness, dignity and respect' more often, when we refer to work.

Plum is a company built on the premise of care - for our own employees and companies we work with. It is our desire to help every company care better for the health of their people. Our hope is that Humanise by Plum will help put the spotlight back on the human.

Work-life conversations that question the status quo.
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